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The Great Commandment--a prayer

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart"--
Lord God, set our hearts aflame with Thy love, that we may burn with the desire to be near Thee, to please Thee, to rest in Thee. Help us to to so order our passions that we may love all others only insofar as they enable us to love Thee more; let no creature lead us away from the love of Thee.

"With all thy soul"--
God Almighty, fill us with the fear and awe of Thy holiness and the joy of Thy beauty, that we may bow before Thee in humility and praise and delight in Thee, that we may soar heavenward and let the light of Thy presence shine on us. Help us learn to feel Thy presence in every hour and to rest in Thee, rather than being tossed and turned by the turmoils of this world.

"And with all thy mind"'--
Father of Lights, inspire our minds with the knowledge that is from above, that we may ever meditate on Thee and see and judge all else in the light of Thy ineffable splendour. Teach us to use our minds in Thy service, not in the vain pursuit of the knowledge which puffs up, and keep us ever mindful of our limitations; train our understanding in Thy ways, which surpass all understanding.

"This is the first and great commandment."


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