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Leithart Unleashed

I just posted this on my Xanga, but it needs to be posted here too:

I exhort anyone reading this to check out Dr. Leithart's blog. Since General Assembly last Wednesday, he has unleashed a Gatling gun of polemic brilliance, including no less than 17 posts in the last 3 days. You can't get much better than this: go douse your brain in the torrent of genius at

In one of his posts, he critiques sloganizing "bicovenantalism" and "monocovenantalism," which made me a little sheepish. I think he's absolutely right, of course, but I still sometimes use the terms as convenient shorthand.

In response to Davey's comment below, I know, I know...I want to post more Cavanaugh. All this PCA mess has sidetracked me. But I brought the book with me to Dallas, and I'll try to do that this weekend.


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