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Addendum to Sola Scriptura post

So I've been meaning to post this quote for a while, but all my time has been taken up in other wranglings and writings of late.

The Venerable Cardinal Newman put the question of the relation of Church and Scripture very well:
"Surely the sacred volume was never intended, and is not adapted to teach us our creed; however certain it is that we can prove our creed from it, when it has once been taught us, and in spite of individual producible exceptions to the general rule. Fromt he very first, that rule has been, as a matter of fact, for the Church to teach the truth, and then appeal to Scripture in vindication of its own teaching. And from the first, it has been the error of heretics to neglect the information provided for them, and to attempt of themselves a work of which they are unable, the eliciting a systematic doctrine from the scattered notices of the truth which Scripture contains. Such men act, in the solemn concerns of religion, the part of the self-sufficient natural philosopher, who should obstinately reject Newton's theory of gravitation, and endeavour, with talents inadequate to the task, to strike out some theory of motion by himself. The insufficiency of the mere private study of Holy Scripture for arriving at the exact and entire truth which it really contains, is shown by the fact, that creeds and teachers have ever been divinely provided, and by the discordance of opinions which exists wherever those aids are thrown aside; as well as by the very structure of the Bible itself. And if this be so, it follows that, while enquirers and neophytes used the inspired wriings for the purposes of morals and for instruction in the rudiments of the faith, they still might heed the teaching of the Church as a key to the collection of passages which related to the mysteries of the gospel; passages which are obscure from the necessity of combining and receiving them all."


Would you be willing to correspond with me over e-mail? I think we have a lot in common, both under 30, both believers, both can read and understand Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein. Thats a lot! anyways...
I became a Christian just this summer, early June. I was going to a congregationalist church for about a year before that.
In short, I had to leave my church because I was forced to conclude that they don't really believe in the lordship of Jesus. My faith in Jesus is growing, but my hope in the church, and in finding a church home, is utterly failing.
I've been visiting various churches, evangelical and mainline, but the weight of making that kind of decision is overwhelming at this point. When I look into various issues and doctrines, I can understand what is at stake, but I feel very unprepared to come to any conclusions in these matters. Any advice, consolation, reproach etc. you can offer would be much appreciated.
I don't think being young, and being an intellectual makes our relationship to the church any easier, but maybe my perspective is lacking here.
God bless,

August 16, 2008 at 9:57 PM  

Hey, absolutely. But you didn't leave an email address.

August 20, 2008 at 8:07 PM  

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