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Last night, working off a helpful tip from Ryan Handermann, I discovered this beauty, which finally nails the lid on the coffin of traditional readings that refuse to see 13:1-7 as an application of the principles of 12:14-21.

I'm afraid I can't figure out how to get Blogger to indent the lines for the cool chiasm-shape.

A. Live in harmony with one another (allelous) (12:16)
B. Do not pay back (apodidontes) evil for evil (12:17)
C. Live at peace with all men as much as depends on you (12:18)
D. Do not avenge (ekdikountes), but give place to wrath (orge)
E. Specific commands about doing good to your enemy (12:20)
F. Do not be overcome by evil (kakos), but overcome evil
with good (agathos) (12:21)
G. Be subject to the governing authorities, for
there is none but from God (13:1)
F.’ Those who resist incur judgment, for the rulers are
a terror to the doer of evil (kakon), not the doer of
good (agathon) (13:2-3)
E.’ Do what is good, if you wish to escape fear. (13:3)
D.’ The magistrate is the avenger (ekdikos) for wrath (orge) (13:4)
C.’ Be in subjection and pay taxes for conscience’ sake (13:5-6)
B.’ Pay back (apodote) to each what is owed him (13:7)
A.’ Owe no one anything, except to love each other (allelous) (13:8)


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