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Peace, Peace...but there is no peace

Once again the happy peaceful summer with loads of spare time for reading and such doesn't materialize. Two summers ago, I got smitten with a girl, chased her to an Anglican conference in Texas, and got smitten with Anglicanism too, and the combination preoccupied me for the rest of the summer...but that summer was relatively peaceful compared to last summer. Last summer, I returned from my honeymoon to learn that my book proposal had been accepted, so I added book-writing to my 50 hours a week of work. Then I went to the Anglican conference again and had my paradigms completely exploded, and the aftermath of that was long hours of writing and debating all the way through September...especially when that James Jordan piece entered the arena. Then this summer, I knew there'd be a lot to do with getting ready to move to Edinburgh, but I had looked for a few free weeks to meditate and write on issues that had come up in the past term, but which the busy schedule of school left no time for.

Alas, it was not to be...the day after we returned from our anniversary trip was the announcement of the Great Decapitation.
For anyone reading who's not from Moscow, a brief explanation may be necessary. After two years of opposition to his calls to refocus the church's mission around ministry to the poor, and for the Church to abandon her prostitution to libertarian capitalism, and six months of being forbidden to teach, associate pastor Doug Jones resigned from his position at the church, his headship of Canon Press, Credenda/Agenda, Sabbath House (the mercy ministry he started), and all his responsibilities at New Saint Andrews College. So I've been wading through the fallout of that tragedy (or, some would no doubt say, creating fallout) for the last three weeks. Yesterday, finally, was the last meeting, I think, and perhaps I can have just a little peace.

But if packing for Edinburgh leaves me any spare time, it looks like most of my reading and writing will be on issues of Mammon and political theology again. Holiness and all that may have to wait for next summer. Oh well
And here is the rest of it.


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