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Butt-kicking Cavanaugh

While I was cleaning up the domicile this evening, in preparation for my dearly beloved's return to this side of the Atlantic tomorrow evening, I decided to go back to the good ol' days and listen to Cavanaugh's lecture on "Torture and the Eucharist" which I used to listen to every couple months, it seemed. It was quite as amazing as I remembered, and I must post the link here, and urge all and sundry to go listen to it.

The final words of the lecture:

The world did not change on 9/11. The world changed on 12/25—when the Word of God became incarnate in human history, when he was tortured to death by the powers of this world, and when he rose to give us new life—it was then that everything changed. Christ made friends of us who are enemies of God, and thus made us capable of loving enemies as ourselves.


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