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Wright out of Sight

So you may have been wondering what happened to Wright and Justification. Well, so am I. I had it with me on Thursday, I put it in the stroller while we were walking around Portobello, and it hasn't been seen since. We did leave the stroller unattended for awhile when we were on the beach, so I suppose someone really wanted that book and stole it. So...I'll just be reviewing O'Donovan for now. But, that's probably plenty; there's no way to have good discussion about the reviews if I'm putting too much up at once. So I'm going to hold off till tomorrow to put up part 4 of the review. I've replied to the comments on the last three posts (as well as on David's comments about socialism), and if anyone wants to follow up on those, go ahead.
Also, in case you're wondering why I haven't engaged Wilson's critiques of O'Donovan yet (I think I said I was going to), it's because he doesn't make any until chapter 7, which he calls, "phantasmagoria of non sequiturs." I'll leave you to judge for yourselves when we get there whether you think that is an accurate judgment. I certainly don't think it is--I think it follows very much from what he says in the other chapters, but part of demonstrating that means going through the previous chapters carefully to discern his argument. Just so you know, though, what I am seeking to respond to in these reviews, here's how Wilson diagnoses the book: "a classic illustration of why the moderate and progressive segments of the Anglican communion in the UK, Canada, and the US are all sick unto death." This is a very grave charge--to say that not only the progressives, but even the moderates in the Anglican Communion--even evangelical moderates like O'Donovan--are "sick unto death." Sick they may be, as are all our denominations, but only God knows whether it is a sickness that will end in death. For my part, I think O'Donovan's work suggests strongly that it will not. I'm interested to know what others think, though.


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