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Renovations and Maintenance

So I finally took it upon myself to sweep out the cobwebs and tear up the rotten floorboards on this blog. I decided that if I do actually want people to read this blog (which, I'm beginning to think, I actually do) then I'd best make it look presentable. So you'll see a number of changes on the sidebar. I'm afraid that only a few of the changes I would like to make are possible. If I'd known the limitations of blogspot vs. wordpress when I first started out, I never would've chosen this host. But oh well.

You will see that I mercilessly trimmed down the "General Staff"--I plan to build that back up, but I felt that it need to go through a sort of death and resurrection process, so it's back down only to pages that meet two criteria: 1) I actually read them from time to time, and 2) I either usually agree with them or else find them to be of consistently high enough quality that I can respectfully disagree.

I'm hoping to trim down the number of topics in "Hot Topics" to eliminate redundancies and unimportant topics, but that's a work in progress.

I've actually put my name in the "About Me" section, since there's no sense pretending to be anonymous anymore.

I got rid of "The Arsenal" because it was hopelessly out of date and if I'd tried to update it, it would've been hopelessly long.

A problem I'd love to fix, but have no idea how, is to keep my posts from showing "Read More" at the end whether or not there is actually more to read--logically, that should only show up if there is in fact more. I blame Donny for this problem, though I really should be thanking him for helping me figure out the code in the first place.

I've responded to comments on recent posts, and I hope to be getting back to 1) The Church in Crisis reviews, 2) Explorations in Torah Economics, and 3) The N.T. Wright reviews, once I get my schoolwork and such a bit more in balance. I'm a little too excited about this "Theology and the Global Economy" course, you see, so, even though I'm just an auditor, I've been doing way too much reading for it. A couple other tantalizing teasers I'll throw out there, mainly to remind myself to come back to them--"Fiddler on the Roof, Protestantism, and Tradition" and "Barth and Harry Potter" (I'm not joking about that last one).


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