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Alright folks, the new layout is basically here!  There's a few bugs still, but I'm reasonably satisfied and I hope you are too.  You may notice that when I changed the template, the expandable post summary code (the part that makes it say "Read More") disappeared for all posts.  I've fixed it manually for the first few, and will gradually go back through and fix it, but for now, older posts appear in all their overlong glory.  The upside is that the new way of doing the expandable post summaries won't share the bug of the old way--that it says "Read More" whether or not there is any more to read!

A brief note on the rationale...a couple months ago it struck me that my blog sounded rather violent--"Target Practice" was the title, and the tagline said it was "an arena for lobbing shots at anyone who I disagree with" or something obnoxious like that.  Given that I have in the last couple years come to feel strongly about the Christian opposition to violence (again, I'm not a pacifist, but Christians today are so far from pacifism that we need to lean in that direction to achieve any kind of godly balance) this seemed rather out of character.  It also (despite what I remember as my resolute intent at the time) comes across as rather brash, obnoxious, yea, even arrogant.  While "lobbing shots" (do you "lob" shots??) may happen here from time to time, and indeed will be necessary from time to time, it is scarcely the point, which is to constructively seek harmony and growth in the Church and our societies.  

Plus, the whole blog was looking rather stale and ugly to me...hence the total makeover.
(Special thanks to Donny Linnemeyer for helping fix a few bugs.)


Thank you so much for the prettiness.

February 2, 2010 at 5:34 PM  

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